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Give the thumb sucking habit a flick!

The longer someone sucks their thumb, the harder the habit is to stop. Thumbsucking is a survival instinct at birth. Dr Rosario Rodriguez, a Specialist Orthodontist says: “People believe only children suck their thumb. From my experience in treating the habit, that is not the case. Over the 25 years of practising orthodontics, I have

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If You Bite Your Cheek, You may have a Crossbite

OUCH! WHY DID I DO THAT? … If you occasionally bite your cheek by accident, you may have a posterior crossbite. A posterior crossbite occurs when the upper back teeth bite inside the lower teeth. When posterior crossbite exits, the inside cheek does not drape out to the side properly. Instead, it can drape inward

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At your service in Mackay, Bowen and Cannonvale

Braces 4U Customer Service Team! At Braces 4U, we have three goals: Clinical excellence Outstanding customer service Great patient experience We Love To Serve You We are a boutique orthodontic practice serving valued patients. It is our honour and privilege to serve you. We appreciate you and want to say THANK YOU from the bottom

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