Benefits of Invisalign over Traditional Orthodontics

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BRACES AREN’T YOUR ONLY OPTION for getting beautiful straight teeth. Invisalign is a cutting-edge technology that uses aligners to fix imperfections in your smile. Invisalign is a series of almost invisible aligners that move your teeth little by little into the perfect smile.

Please continue reading to check out our reasons why you may want to choose Invisalign treatment over braces to straighten teeth.

#1 Easy Cleaning

Wearing braces with brackets and arch wires makes it challenging to give your teeth a good cleaning. Food gets stuck in hard-to-reach areas, leading to poor dental hygiene.

Invisalign is removable, making it so much easier to clean appropriately—no more worrying about flossing or brushing in between all that metalwork. They help keep your oral hygiene routine which can go a long way in protecting your health over time.

However, wearing Invisalign doesn’t mean you can slack off on your oral hygiene. Bacteria can still get trapped inside your trays, exposing teeth to bacteria. Brushing and flossing your teeth before putting in the aligner trays will prevent the risk of tooth decay.

#2 No Banned Foods

People who wear traditional braces have to follow a restricted diet to avoid damaging wires and brackets. Many favorites are on this banned foods list, like chewing gum and hard-to-chew or sticky foods. Unfortunately, some patients ignore this and damage their brackets or wires, lengthening their treatment time.

When choosing Invisalign, you have the freedom to remove your aligners, allowing you to eat whatever you want without damaging them. Just make sure to brush after each meal to avoid staining the aligners. And remember that you need to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours each day.

#3 Overall Comfort

Invisalign aligners are more comfortable than braces for two main reasons:

No Sharp Edges: Metal brackets come with sharp edges and poking wires that can potentially irritate your cheeks. Invisalign edges are smooth.
No Tightening: Braces need to be tightened regularly by your orthodontist. With Invisalign, you are given multiple sets of aligners every two weeks. Each aligner slightly moves your crooked teeth into the desired position.

During the first few days of wearing Invisalign, you feel pressure on your teeth. This slight pressure is a sign that your aligners are doing their job. However, this temporary discomfort is a small price to pay for having a beautiful, healthy smile.

#4 Virtually Invisible

People avoid getting braces because they feel unattractive and are self-conscious with all that metal on their teeth.

Invisalign offers the same ending results as braces without being noticeable. Invisalign aligners are made of clear plastic, so they’re practically invisible when you smile. Most adults feel more comfortable in their professional life choosing Invisalign because they are subtle and go unnoticed by friends and colleagues.

#5 No Discoloration

Some patients with braces experience a slight discoloration where traditional metal brackets are glued. Although there is only a tiny chance you’ll experience teeth discoloration from braces, you can avoid it altogether with Invisalign. Since the plastic aligners are removable, it’s so much easier to clean all of your teeth thoroughly.

Interested in Invisalign?

Traditional metal braces are not all bad — they have their advantages and can fix a broader range of orthodontic problems. But there are many benefits to getting Invisalign. If you are interested in getting Invisalign or any other orthodontics treatments, call us to schedule an appointment today. We can talk about the best treatment options for a better future with a beautiful smile.

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