If You Bite Your Cheek, You may have a Crossbite

OUCH! WHY DID I DO THAT? … If you occasionally bite your cheek by accident, you may have a posterior crossbite. A posterior crossbite occurs when the upper back teeth bite inside the lower teeth.

When posterior crossbite exits, the inside cheek does not drape out to the side properly. Instead, it can drape inward or get pushed toward the lower teeth during eating. The inside cheek then gets caught between back teeth accidentally when chewing. Ouch!

Crossbite can be painful and unhealthy

There two types of posterior crossbites. Posteriors crossbites can be al teeth on one side or a single tooth on one side.

Cheek biting is especially painful when second molars are in crossbite and they bite the cheek with a sudden heavy force.

Dr Rodriguez can treat your crossbite










Posterior crossbites can be treated as early as age 7

These crossbites were corrected by Dr Rodriguez at Braces 4U. Visit us at www.braces4u.com.au or give us a call at 4840 2832.


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