Dental Monitoring


At Braces 4U, we make it easy to straighten your teeth. So easy in fact that you can forget about coming into our clinic for regular check-ups; all you need for straight teeth is a smart phone.

Don’t believe us? Well you should. Because at Braces 4U, we pride ourselves on using the latest in orthodontic technology for the benefit of you, our patients. And the latest technology now includes dental monitoring.

What is dental monitoring?

Dental monitoring is an app on your smartphone that allows you to upload photos of your smile while you’re having treatment and send them through to us at the clinic. We can assess your smile and the position of your teeth against your treatment plan to see if your teeth are moving as they should be.

The app means:

  • You don’t need to come into the clinic for regular check-ups
  • You can stay in contact with us more easily – and more often
  • You can travel for work or pleasure while having orthodontic treatment

How to set up dental monitoring

Dental monitoring is for Invisalign patients only but it’s quick and easy to set up. Once you’ve come in for your first visit, then had your Invisalign aligners fitted, we don’t need to see you again for a few months. Instead, we’ll just keep in touch via the dental monitoring app.

Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1: Download the Dental Monitoring app to your phone.

Step 2: Take photos of your teeth as per the Dental Monitoring app instructions.

Step 3: Email the photos to us so we can assess your treatment progress.

Making orthodontic treatment easy

At Lane Cove Orthodontics, we work with each of our patients to ensure treatment fits in with their lifestyle. We don’t believe there is any reason why life should stop just because you’re wearing an orthodontic appliance.

And dental monitoring has made it even easy to carry on with life as normal while having orthodontic treatment.

Some of the many benefits of dental monitoring include:

  • Greater flexibility to have treatment
  • Fewer appointments to fit in to your busy schedule
  • Greater communication with our team and specialist orthodontist
  • Quicker response time if your treatment is tracking as it should

An extra reason to smile

If you’re about to embark on Invisalign treatment or ready to make the decision to start your orthodontic treatment journey, ask us about dental monitoring. We believe it’s one of the greatest pieces of technology in the orthodontic industry at the moment and we’re pleased to be able to offer it to our Invisalign patients.

Find out more about dental monitoring and how it can work with your Invisalign aligners by booking a free consultation with our team today.


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