Don’t Take Holidays From Oral Hygiene!

WITH THE ARRIVAL OF WINTER comes the season of family holidays and exciting trips to new places. We’re as excited for it as our patients, but before everyone leaves to explore parts unknown, we want to give you a few tips and reminders about taking care of your teeth while you’re away from home.

Before You Go, See Dr Rosario

The last thing anyone wants while relaxing on a beach or enjoying the rides at a theme park is for their fun to be interrupted by a poking wire or a broken bracket. Depending where you go on your holidays, it might be hard to get proper orthodontic treatment. You’ll save yourself a major potential hassle by simply scheduling an appointment before you leave!

It is important to carry orthodontic wax with you and if you have Invisalign treatment, take enough aligners for your trip with you, but it is recommended to pack them in your carry on luggage just in case your checked bags get lost.

Do not forget to take your aligner/retainer case with you to put your aligners in during your meals.

Don’t Get Too Carried Away With Holiday Food

We can probably all agree that the food is often one of the best parts of any holiday, but that can make it easy to overdo it. Try to avoid eating too many sweet treats and snacks, and maybe keep a pack of sugar free snacks to help prevent cavities.

Don’t Slack On Brushing And Flossing

When we’re at home, it’s easy to go through daily routines like brushing in the morning and brushing and flossing in the evening. Make sure to pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss when you go, and quickly establish these routines in your new location.

One important thing to remember is that bacteria grows fast on a toothbrush that is damp and in an enclosed space, such as in luggage. Give your brush time to dry before you pack it, and store it somewhere it can get plenty of ventilation between uses.

Instead of leaving your toothbrush out on a hotel counter, try a simple solution like this:





Have A Great Holiday!

Following these tips will help you keep your teeth strong and healthy while you’re away from home. That should make it easier to flash a big, bright smile for the camera during your adventures! Have a wonderful time, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Thank you for trusting us with your smile!

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