Give the thumb sucking habit a flick!

The longer someone sucks their thumb, the harder the habit is to stop. Thumbsucking is a survival instinct at birth.

Dr Rosario Rodriguez, a Specialist Orthodontist says: “People believe only children suck their thumb. From my experience in treating the habit, that is not the case. Over the 25 years of practising orthodontics, I have treated many children to stop thumb sucking. But I have also high school students, mums and people over the age of 30. The longer you wait to stop the habit, the harder is to break the habit”

Thumb sucking should be stopped by age 7

Thumbsucking cessation is best treated at age 7. Thumb sucking with baby teeth has little or no long term effects on permanent teeth positions. Some psychologists believe that there is a psychological benefit of thumb sucking at very early age. But after age 7, thumb sucking will create a malocclusion (bad bite) including open bite, crossbite, protruded front teeth and spaced upper teeth. All ofthese arevery serious orthodontic problems.

An appliance can help to stop thumb sucking

If caught early, thumb sucking can be treated with an upper jaw habit appliance only. This appliance will stop both, the thumb sucking habit and allow the open bite to close naturally.

Some tips to stop thumb sucking at home

There are things you can try at home to stop thumb sucking

  1. Place a band aid on the finger
  2. Put the finger into something that doesn’t taste good like hot mustard, vinegar or hot sauce
  3. Put a smelly sock or glove









This case was treated by Dr Rosario Rodriguez using a habit breaker

At any age Dr Rodriguez an help you to stop the habit, just call our office to make an appointment  4840 2832

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