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At Braces 4U we are passionate about using the latest technology to enhance our patient’s treatment experience with us.

No more need to take alginate impressions. For orthodontic treatment to be successful, accurate impressions of the patient’s teeth and jaw are crucial. Braces 4U now offers a brand new way to create high quality impressions without using putty or trays to create plaster models. We now use a laser scanner, called an iTero scanner that creates 3-D images of your teeth and gums. Many patients are thrilled that they no longer have to experience that gagging feeling from holding a tray of putty in their mouth.

The iTero scanner is an intra-oral scanner, which means that a wand-shaped scanner takes images from inside the patient’s mouth.

Instant results. The iTero scanner uses laser and optical scanning to digital capture the shape of the patient’s teeth and gums. The scanner takes images from all sides of the teeth to create a full, 360-degree image. At the end of the scanning process all the images are laced together to create the 3-D image. The images are processed immediately, so patients can see images of their teeth on the computer screen right after the scanning is done.

High quality images. The scanner digitally captures the contours and surfaces of all the tooth surfaces and the gums. A high quality image helps guarantee a perfect fit for orthodontic appliances. Within just a few minutes, hundreds of slices of information are integrated to create a highly accurate digital impression of your teeth. The electronic file of these impressions is then sent to the laboratory, where your orthodontic appliances are created.

The iTero scanner allows for the production of better fitting Invisalign aligners which work more effectively, thus reducing the number of appointments you require and potentially the overall treatment time.

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