Life with Braces

First of all, you deserve a giant congratulations! You have officially begun the path towards your healthiest, most beautiful smile. Although the orthodontic treatment time may seem a bit daunting at first, we assure you it will fly by.

The hardest part about getting braces, whether you have traditional metal braces, lingual braces, or ceramic braces, is making it through the first week. Your body is getting used to these strange, new pieces of metal in your mouth. You probably feel a little sore at first, but don’t worry, it doesn’t take long to adjust. Here there are some valuable tips to help you during this period.

Eating with Braces

It is essential to eat soft foods until you get adjusted to your braces, especially during the first weeks. Hard foods like nuts, chips, popcorn, ice blocks, and sticky lollies should be avoided because they have the potential to damage or break your orthodontic appliances.

Avoid tough meats, raw vegetables, and hard bread. Before long, you’ll be able to bite normally again. But first, you’ll need to protect your orthodontic appliances when you eat for as long as you’re wearing braces. If you are in doubt about what foods are red-listed, don’t hesitate to ask.


There is no denying that braces hurt when you first get them on. Mild pain and discomfort is a typical side effect of wearing braces. You will experience an odd feeling of having something taking up more room in your mouth; you may find talking difficult and possibly even swallowing.

You should only feel discomfort after your orthodontist places or adjusts your braces or wires. The ache in the teeth and jaw typically disappears within four days, and pain rarely lasts longer than a week. We recommend taking a pain reliever or a salt rinse.

Dissolve one teaspoonful of salt in 8 ounces of warm water, and rinse your mouth vigorously. If the tenderness is severe, take aspirin or whatever you usually take for headache or similar pain. Read here to learn more.

life with braces

Broken or Loose Brackets

Braces are applied to your teeth with special “tooth glue.” In rare circumstances, brackets can dislodge themselves after your braces are applied. If this happens, please give us a quick call, and we will arrange an appointment to re-bond your bracket. It should not be a significant matter of worry and seldom recurs. Click here to learn more.

Sore spots

When you have braces for the first time, your teeth are not the only ones adjusting to your new appliances; your lips, cheeks, and tongue are too. The metal brackets rub against the mouth tissue and cause some sore spots, which can be quickly and easily relieved with orthodontic wax provided by Dr. Rosario Rodriguez. You will get some on the day your braces are fitted.

The best way to use wax is to break off a small amount and roll it between your fingers. The friction will warm and soften it to a better shape around your bracket. Dry the area of your braces that you wish to apply the wax onto the metal. When the irritating part of your brackets and wires is covered with wax, your mouth should quickly heal itself.

Loose teeth

If your teeth begin feeling a little loose, don’t worry, this is normal! Your braces must first loosen to move the teeth into the correct position. Once your teeth have been repositioned, they will no longer be loose.


Make sure to clean your teeth after every meal, making sure to get any debris that might get stuck in your brackets. Don’t forget to follow a routine of brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. Getting into these habits early on in your journey will help ensure that you don’t encounter any oral health problems or tooth decay down the road.

Stay strong! Each person adapts to the discomfort of orthodontics differently, but following these steps mentioned above will make your journey to beautiful straight teeth much more enjoyable. Once you make it past the first few days, you won’t even notice your braces!

If you are interested in orthodontics to straighten your smile, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Braces 4U. We are happy to discuss all the types of braces available. Give us a call. We can’t wait to meet you.

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